101 BMV Advertising Templates

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My name is Parmdeep Vadesha and I would like to tell you a little bit about why I believe so passionately in the power of advertising and marketing for distressed sellers of below market value properties and especially why I believe you should be doing a lot more of it.

I have been consistently marketing my property business for six years in many different ways. I started off with simple direct response and classified advertisements in my local newspaper. I then advertised in the yellow pages, on the Internet, via leaflet drops and I've now moved on to national advertising to cover the whole of the UK.

All the while I am trying to solicit positive responses from homeowners who are distressed to sell their home 15% or more below market value. I make them reasonable offers in return for a quick sale.

A Percentage Say "Yes" And That's When I Have A Deal

My partners and I together invest around £4m each year in advertising and marketing to source distressed sellers of below market value properties. Combined, our advertising and marketing campaigns consistently bring us around fifty below market value property deals every month.

I work very hard to keep myself educated on what other investors are doing to source below market value property deals. That's why I recently commissioned my team to gather for me allthe "we buy houses for cash" and "we stop repossession" type advertisements from property investors that appear in the local and national UK press.

Although the whole exercise cost me nearly £3,000 and took me and my team two months of hard work I have to admit...

The Results Exceeded Even My Wildest Expectations!

We ended up with an astonishing insight into the property investment 'underworld' - a world where ordinary people of all ages and experiences are quietly pocketing hundreds of thousands of pounds each year by finding distressed homeowners and buying their homes below market value (sometimes significantly below market value - I'm talking 30% or more below market value in many cases).

You will not see these advertisers paraded around on the TV or elsewhere. They keep themselves to themselves because their businesses are insanely lucrative.

I even downloaded the accounts from companies house for one of the advertisers we found through our research. I showed the accounts to a friend who used to work closely with this particular property investor.

It turns out this gentleman consistently overloads his email inbox and phone voicemail with messages from distressed sellers eager to sell their properties to him at below market value prices.

He agrees below market value selling prices with these sellers. He then contacts other property investors and agrees to pass on some of the deals with his finders fee commission added on top. This fee can range from £1,000 to £30,000+ per deal depending upon how cheaply the property can be purchased.

He does all of this from home and without any staff or overhead. He does not work on this full time yet we estimate his total earnings to be £850,000 per year with a large chunk of that coming from the buying and selling of below market value properties he finds with his advertising.

Imagine Owning A Property Business Like This!

Never again would you need to visit another estate agent or auction because the advertising is doing all the hard work for you. Your ad never gets hungry, tired, bored or sick. Your ad neverforgets to tell your message correctly.

Your ad works for you 24/7 to get distressed sellers of bargain properties calling you like a fully trained loyal property finder working hard to find you deals while you go on holiday, take time out with your family or even start another business.

Your advertising can run on autopilot to source you distressed sellers of mainly 'off market' properties - these are properties where very few other people know about the deal. Compare this to estate agents or auctions where hundreds of people chase the same repossessed property and you begin to understand why this is so powerful.

In fact, the most difficult part of your day will be choosing which bargain properties to keep for yourself and which to sell on!



And remember - we have a lot more distressed sellers (especially repossessions) coming up very soon. The media has hyped up the correction in the property market. Buyers are worried. Estate agents are seeing a drastic reduction in instructions. This means plenty more distressed sellers for you to help in the next few months.

Most people ask me "how do I find good property deals?" A better question would be "how do I get distressed sellers of below market value properties finding me?"

When you advertise properly using proven leaflets, newspaper or yellow pages advertisements distressed sellers call or email you so you can make them a below market value offer to buy their property.

Compare that to estate agents or auctions where you're the one doing all the hard work andcompeting with dozens of other people at the same time.

Which would you prefer?

I've given you three sample advertising templates. I have handpicked these from a total of 101 completely different local and national advertisements that we uncovered when we researched the entire advertising market.

With My Sample Templates You've Already Saved Yourself Literally Thousands Of Pounds...

To employ a professional marketeer to create just one advertisement for you would set you back at least £100 per hour. And then you have to test the ad to see if it works which would cost you another £3,000 per week if you chose to test in any of the major national newspapers.

Why would you want to commit that kind of money when other people across the UK are already testing hundreds of ideas for you?

And That's What These Proven Templates Are All About!

The templates I have gathered are based on proven advertising methods applied by hundreds of property investors UK wide. We know the majority of these ads work because professional property investors are paying thousands of pounds for them to appear in the local and national press.

If you are interested to know how I got my hands on all the local and national UK ads here's how I did it. It's not difficult but it is time consuming and quite costly - it set me back three grand and a few months of my time.

Go to a large supermarket or WH Smith - somewhere that stocks all of the national newspapers and most of your locals too. They will also have all the major magazines in stock.

Buy them all every day for several weeks. Use the Internet to find the major local newspapers for the 100 or so major UK counties. Get them all to send you a copy of their paper.

Cut out all the ads from property investors. You will normally find these in the classifieds section at the back under 'property wanted', 'loans' or 'mortgages' with headlines like 'we stop repossession' or 'we buy houses fast'.

Sometimes you will find the odd ad within the main body of the newspaper too. Compile the ads into a document and get them completely redone. Take note of this step because...


DO NOT whatever you do take somebody else's ad and use it yourself without making the appropriate changes!

This is an infringement of copyright (possibly trademark too) and will land you in a lot of trouble. So here's what you need to do...

Use a thesaurus to reword each ad to mean the same thing in a different way. For example you could change the word 'quick' in the ad to 'fast'. 'Property' could be changed to 'home' or 'house' and so on.

Change the font. Change the images. Remove the original logo. Change the colours and so on. Make your ad look completely different to the original! The general presentation of the ad IS important but it's not critical so you can change that without affecting the pulling power too much.


The Way The Ad Is Written Is The Really Important Bit So Don't Mess Too Much With That

When marketing for below market value marketing properties it's what you say and how you say it that gets distressed sellers to pick up the phone and call you to buy their home below market value.

If you need more ideas after having looked at all the local and national ads, simply log on to your favourite search engine and type in the kind of thing you would expect someone who may be distressed to sell his property to search for. Here are a few examples to get you started:

•"Sell house fast"

•"Sell home quick"


The advertisements that appear at the top and to the right of the search results (on Google.com) are from property investors who are looking for distressed sellers of below market value properties.

Note Down What They Are Saying To Attract Distressed Sellers To Click Their Ad's.

Check out their websites too. Look at the copywriting, the design of the website, the fonts and everything else.

If you haven't the time or inclination to do all of this, keep reading to find out how to get your hands on all of my templates. I have already had them redone and fully edited so they are all copyright free and ready for use.

I have a bit of free time this week to print them all out in full colour and send them all to you so I don't mind doing that if you let me know ASAP that you want them (just follow my instructions near the end of this letter).

After this week I'll be very busy with our various projects so please do not be disappointed if you come back to this page later and I am no longer sending them out anymore.

People Say To Me All The Time...

"There are some other people already advertising in my local area - why would I want to join them?" For two reasons:

1. Because good advertising works!

2. One decent deal every 12 months will easily cover all your advertising costs so why wouldn't you do it?

The professionals spend hundreds of thousands of pounds each year on advertising for distressed sellers because it works. That's why you'll see many ads consistently appearing in many of the local and national newspapers for several years with very little changes.

So How Do You Profit From Their Hard Work?

Do what I did and get your hands on as many ads as you feel you need. Pick the best elements from each ad and use them to create your own advertising campaigns. Do not copy the ads word for word - take the best bits from a selection of the ads and use them to create your own advertising.

By using other people's proven methods, you will be saving yourself months of wasted time and hundreds, possibly even thousands of pounds in cash you would normally invest in testing.

Here's an example. You might be based in London. You get your hands on the advertising put out by an investor in his local town of Manchester. You like some of his ideas. You take the best bits and mix them with ideas from a Cardiff based investor to create your own advertising pieces.

This could be a change in your headline or the colour or the font or any other aspect that makes a difference in response. You place the ad in your local newspaper. Your phone starts to ring with calls from distressed sellers eager for you to buy their properties below market value...


And The Best Bit Is Neither Of You Are Competing With Each Other!

Ok let's cover the three sample ads I have given you and how you can use them to get distressed sellers calling you.

First of all, feel free to play with the text, the colour, the font or any other aspect of the ads. They are fully customisable. Come up with a piece you feel would work well in your local area.

To save money, start off with small classified ads in your local newspaper - usually in the 'property wanted' section at the back. This is a cheap effective way to get started - in fact this is how I started advertising as a beginner.

From a small classified ad costing £100 per week (inc VAT) expect to get anywhere between 3 and 10 responses via phone or email (don't forget to put your email or website address on the ad).

To Save A Ton Of Money...

...drop me a line about the free training videos I created for my Property Tycoons Community members. These videos show you how to test your ads on the Internet before you run them in newspapers, yellow pages or leaflets.

I guarantee my guidance will save you thousands. I will teach you to initially test your ads cheaply via the Internet before taking the best performing ads and only paying for those top performers to appear in the local/national press.

Email me and I will send you the link. The videos will walk you through the process step by step.

If you are going to do leaflet drops, remember the most important aspect is the distribution network NOT the leaflet design.

If Your Leaflets Are Not Even Making It Into People's Homes Then It Makes No Difference What They Look Like!

So make sure you work really hard on recruiting the right people to drop your leaflets. Pay them well and make sure you visit a small sample of the homes to make sure your leaflet was indeed dropped.

To create a leaflet out of the templates remember the principle is exactly the same as advertising in any other way. You have:

1.A headline

2.Some copy describing your service

3.A call to action (call you or visit your website)

From a mailing of 10,000 leaflets expect to get one good below market value deal. That's about right.

If you are doing yellow pages advertising try it out in one colour first of all as this is the cheapest option. When you have an ad that works make it bigger only at that point. Don't be led into wasteful advertising by commission hungry salespeople.

Always be careful not to make your ad sound 'too good to be true'. Be brutally honest about your service in both your advertising and your website.

Creating leaflets out of the templates is easily done. You still have a headline then some copy followed by a call to action. With all the extra space to play with, I would suggest including your picture on the leaflet.

Or you could have a picture of someone else just make the person is smiling and attractive but not stunning - you don't want to draw attention away from your message. This is where a lot of advertisers shoot themselves in the foot - most people are too busy looking at the stunning models and ignore the product!

Next, have some testimonials on the leaflet. They don't have to be from people you've purchased properties from (although that is an ideal situation). Any comments attesting to your honesty, knowledge and ability to get things done are better than nothing at all.


If You Want Me To Send You All Of My 101 Template Ads PLUS Much More Detailed Instructional Material...

As I mentioned previously, I have time this week to print out and send you all the 101 templates that I gathered for my own use from all of the UK local and national press.

I'll also send you the best ads redone in different formats including leaflet and yellow pages size. These are ready for you to use and will not require any more editing except for you to add your contact details in.

If you want, you can change any aspect of the ads if you want to - every template is completely customisable.

That'll Keep You Busy With Below Market Value Property Deals For A Long While!

As I mentioned earlier, if you order this week I'll send everything right out to you. After that, I can't promise when I'll have the time to do all of this if at all, as this time of year is very busy for me so please do not be disappointed if you come back to this site after the weekend and I am no longer offering to send them out.

Oh and just in case you are wondering...

"What If The Templates Do Not Work For Me?"

Order the "Bargain Property Sourcing Toolkit" today and use them as instructed by me for six months. If you have not purchased at least one property below market value after six months simply let me know and I'll give you every single penny of your money back.

If the templates do not work for you then I do not want your money. I'd rather give it back to you so you can spend it on things that do produce results for you.

I'll respect you for giving the templates a try and most important to me we'll still remain friends.

Wishing you the very best results with your advertising. Please do let me know how you get on!


Parmdeep Vadesha
Managing Director
Vadesha Properties Ltd.

P.S. Read through this commentary once more very carefully - these methods for finding distressed sellers of below market value properties are being applied right now throughout the UK by some of the savviest property investors around. Take the best ideas and use them to advertise for distressed sellers in your area using proven advertising and marketing methods.

P.P.S. Don't forget to check with your accountant - if you order the "Bargain Property Sourcing Toolkit" you may be able to deduct the investment as a tax deductible expense against your rental income.

Note: This product will be sent to you as a digital download.