Property Investment Statistics

Property Investment Statistics

In this section you will find a comprehensive set of property investment data displayed in a user friendly graphical format. The data has been compiled for anybody with an interest in property - to help you make better informed decisions.

As property investors ourselves, we firmly believe that intelligent decisions are based on the true factual situation that exists, not opinions or hearsay. We believe this leads to additional profits with less risk.

Data on the following areas of property investment are covered comprehensively:



  • Landlord possession claims - to help you see how favourable the market is to landlords (for example low possessions claims indicate that tenants are generally able to afford their rent since the majority of possession claims are due to nonpayment of rent). part of the property cycle is the best time to invest, as well as different areas of the UK to invest in. Click here for Landlord Possession Claims Data







Statistics are an undisputed tool in the field of property. Those measuring neighborhood change, economic value, and market effects have long relied on statistics to predict fluctuations and variances in the value of property more accurately.

An example of some of our statistical data
Property Investment Statistics

The data presented here have helped us to invest more intelligently in our local area. We hope you find them useful in making successful investments. If you have any ideas you would like to share or suggestions for data that you would like to see here, feel free to comment below.

For more information about our data sources and how we process and display the data click here


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Feb 19 2013 | 16:49

Really enjoyed being a part of this project. Never seen stats this comprehensive like this for property investors anywhere else and I can see that they will come in useful. You can't argue with data and stats :-)

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