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How to find tenants for your HMO

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For the first time ever, in this rare video, accountant and property investor David reveals how you can use other people to find you lucrative property investment deals. In this video you will learn: How to build relationships with other people so that they find you deals. How to spot the 'hidden potential' in 'ugly properties...
13-07-2012 | 12:42 | 1,213 | 2 | 8,896
Rosemary was the winner of the 2012 Tycoon Mastermind Alliance Better Your Best content and won a shiny porsche sportscar! In this video, Rosemary reveals how she made and extra 7k for just 30 minutes work. In this video you will learn: The importance of a 'killer leaflet design' when finding bargain properties. How to effectively...
13-07-2012 | 12:36 | 1,509 | 5 | 16,076