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The Tycoon Mastermind Alliance program helps successful professionals and entrepreneurs create a property investment strategy that works for them.

Clients then implement their specific strategy with our help and support so that they can invest successfully with minimal risk for maximum return. The rewards are immense. Our clients find that the renewed focus on “why they work so hard in the first place” combined with a winning strategy allows them to quickly reach their biggest goals as they enjoy their passive income, spend much more time with family and friends and experience true satisfaction and enjoyment from their lives.

The program is implementation based. Members are encouraged to implement strategies discussed with their mentor on the bi-weekly mentoring call. Some of the benefits of the Tycoon Mastermind Alliance are:

  • Personalised Property Education Program Tailored To Your Goals
  • Regular Strategy And Portfolio Reviews
  • Bi-Weekly One-to-One Consultation With Your Property Mentor
  • 24 Hour Response ‘Hotline’ Your Questions Answered In Person Within 24 Hours
  • Personalised Deal Analysis – Bring Your Deals To Us And We’ll Check Them Out
  • Unlimited Access To Over 4 Years Of Advanced Property Workshops
  • Unlimited Access To Top Property Resources (Over 200 Videos, Audio’s, Documents and Much More)

The programme is £497.00 per month

Try today for a £100 refundable fee in return for a 30 min consultation with a Tycoon System mentor. No risk to you and 100% guarantee from us. If successful the programme will start immediately, however, if your application is unsuccessful you will be refunded straight away, no questions asked.

Try today for £100.00


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