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Success Through Property



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EVERYTHING you ever wanted to know about buying investment property! – I have heard of seminar companies charging nearly £20k for this information!!!

This is a remarkable, totally one of a kind course offered exclusively through my website…

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You will not find anything like this on the Internet (certainly not for the price I am giving it away for!)

RRP £194 – Special Offer When Ordered Through This Website Just £97 (+VAT)

“How do I benefit from this course?”

Here are just some of the benefits for you:

  • EVERYTHING you ever wanted to know about buying property without using ANY of your own money – I have heard of seminar companies charging nearly £20k for this information!!! (Parts 11 and 12)
  • Finally I reveal my best-kept secret: How the professionals find their most profitable property deals! (Part 3)
  • The secrets of effective goal setting. This is proven goal setting guidance for property entrepreneurs. (Part 1)
  • Discover the 12 people you need to know to get desperate sellers of property flocking to you. (Part 2)
  • Measuring your performance… If you are not effectively measuring your performance, how do you know if you are hitting your goals? (Part 1)
  • Bulletproof ways to network effectively with fellow property entrepreneurs and professionals. These techniques will guarantee to catapult your property business to heights you couldn’t even begin to imagine! (Part 2)
  • Another first! You can now use one of my biggest secrets to research properties without even seeing them! Just follow my simple 5-step system to buying out of town properties… (Part 5)
  • How to use your contacts to your advantage by getting them to call you first with the juiciest deals(Part 3)
  • How to prepare your mind for success… Why telling yourself that you ‘want to make lots of money’ just will not work! I reveal how the professionals set themselves up for guaranteed success. (Part 1)
  • Why you should take what the guru’s tell you with a large handful of salt… (Part 4)
  • 10 Powerful techniques you can use to increase your ‘perceived power’ in the negotiations. (Part 7)
  • Why you don’t need any DIY skills whatsoever to succeed through property… (Part 1)
  • The secrets of property ‘flipping’ and how you can greatly profit from it. (Part 11)
  • Why you must specialise in one area of property and how to pick the best one for you. (Part 1)
  • The 2 BIG mistakes made by amateur investors (Part 2)
  • How this one simple sentence has the potential to determine whether you succeed or fail in property. (Part 1)
  • Revealed: How to use prior bids to your advantage (and not the sellers!) (Part 3)
  • How do you find a ‘finder’? How do you keep your finders loyal to you? (Part 6)
  • Finally revealed: The jealously guarded secrets to make estate agents tell you which of their clients NEED to sell quickly! (Part 1)
  • Why ‘perception’ and ‘credibility’ are absolutely essential to a great negotiation… (Part 7)
  • I reveal how you can find the owners of an empty property using a simple (yet little known about) technique… (Part 4)
  • The jealously guarded secrets of ‘option contracts’ and why they are so powerful. (Part 12)
  • Never revealed before. A website which lists only those property sellers prepared to sell at below market value in return for a quick and/or cash sale. (Part 1)
  • Create irresistible adverts to attract the best tenants for your properties. (Part 5)
  • The 8 crucial questions you MUST ask an estate agent before you agree to view ANY property (Part 2)
  • What makes a good mentor? Where do you find one? I reveal all… (Part 6)
  • 10 common Situations that will force a seller to sell at below market value (Part 2)
  • Guaranteeing your success in the auction room. I reveal how to buy property from auction and keep your shirt! (Part 3)
  • The secret of viewing properties even when the auctioneers tell you not to! (Part 3)
  • 7 more mind-blowing negotiation tactics that will easily double your success rate with sellers. (Part 10)
  • Revealed: Why the auctioneers guide price is never an accurate reflection of the eventual sale price! (Part 3)
  • Finally revealed: The people you must have in your team before you can even think about succeeding through property… (Part 4)
  • How to bypass estate agents when buying properties from desperate sellers. (Part 4)
  • Buy outstanding bargains by using my 10 step-by-step ground rules for effective negotiating. (Part 9)
  • How to meet and greet a desperate seller… So many amateurs make the same mistakes time and time again, now I finally reveal what they are and how you will avoid them. (Part 4)
  • How to maximise your profits by knowing how to correctly value properties. I show you, step by step, how to find the true value of a property. (Part 5)
  • A single piece of advice that I have to SHOUT! It’s so powerful, I have no other way of expressing it… Master this simple rule and you will become a millionaire through property in less than 3 years. (Part 4)
  • Why I never use the gross return of a property to measure investment potential (it is very inaccurate). Use my little known measure to instantly know whether you should buy or walk away. (Part 5)
  • My quick definition of a bargain property that will instantly tell you whether a property is worth buying (Part 2)
  • Revealed: The ONLY way to find out whether a property will make a good rental or not… You will never buy another property again without using this simple trick… (Part 5)
  • Here is the BIG DADDY of them all! How to get estate agents to beg you for your money! I explain everything you need to know in plain, easy to understand English… (Part 6)
  • How to get motivated sellers to reveal all the information you need – effective probing. (Part 7)
  • My proven ‘killer’ techniques for locating desperate sellers in any area. (Part 4)
  • Revealed: My 9 golden rules for successful probing. You will quadruple the number of bargain properties you buy once you begin to apply these magic techniques. (Part 8 )
  • 4 delightful negotiation techniques to almost guarantee a successful win/win outcome every time you negotiate. (Part 9)
  • Your 2 most valuable assets and why you MUST maximise them. (Part 4)
  • Never be short of funding again, apply my simple and proven system for seducing private investors… (Part 6)
  • And much, much more…

“How do you know these techniques will work for me?”

  1.       Do you want to know how to find motivated sellers of property?
  2.       Do you want to build an income-generating portfolio of bargain properties using very little if any of your own money?
  3.       Do you want to make profits of £10,000 or more by buying and selling undervalued properties?
  4.       Have you ever wanted to know how the professionals structure and execute profitable property deals?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of the above questions then this course is for you.

“How much do I need to invest to get the course?”

I have made hundreds of thousands of pounds by simply applying the techniques in the course, not to mention the lifetime of passive income and capital growth I will now receive.

Once you have read this course, I know you will agree that I could charge well over £1,000 and still easily sell hundreds of copies. I have seen people pay seminar companies and ‘consultants’ over £4,000 for far less information!

I have already explained why I wrote the course – to bring together like-minded property entrepreneurs for the purpose of sharing ideas, strategies and deals…

I didn’t create this business to make money from book sales (as you will soon tell from the price), but I do want to cover my costs and the considerable investment of time it took to write it up (I spent 4 months writing it all myself, and have spent the last 5 years constantly updating and reviewing it annually).

Therefore I am going to charge a very reasonable fee of just £194 for the full 12-part course,but wait…

As a special offer to all Tycoon System subscribers, I will be offering Success! Through Property at a special 50% off price exclusively when purchased through this website!

“Order now to receive your free bonus gifts…”

If you claim your copy of Success! Through Property today, you will also qualify to receive the following 2 bonuses genuinely valued at £114.

I have created the bonuses to help you even more with establishing your portfolio of bargain properties, and attached them to the end of the course…

Here are your £114 in free bonus gifts…

FREE Bonus gift number 1 – Value £57

Doing deals and making money is one thing… Keeping your hard earned hard money is a different matter altogether!

That is why I have written this invaluable guide to using company structures to help you:

  • Minimise your tax liabilities
  • Protect your assets from creditors, jealous friends and ex spouses
  • Increase your privacy

I will cover the following company structures and how you can use each to help you build a profitable property business:

  • Partnership
  • Sole Trader
  • Limited Liability Company (LLC)
  • Limited liability partnership (LLP)

FREE Bonus gift number 2 – Value £57

This step-by-step special report will explain property financing in plain English. I will show you:

  • How to choose the right finance product for your property deals.
  • The finer points of bridging, private investors and commercial loans.
  • How to combine your finance options for maximum profits.
  • The 5 golden rules to getting the right buy to let mortgage.
  • How to use special rollover financing techniques to multiply the growth of your portfolio
  • And much, much more…

If you have lots of free time to pound the streets and knock on random doors for distressed sellers of bargain properties or your time is only worth a few pounds per hour then this course is not for you.

You may as well just forget about property right now.

But if you are like most property entrepreneurs you want to create your own property empire with  minimal effort and cost right?

Do yourself a favour, save yourself from throwing away months of your time only to end up on the same road to failure like so many before you.

If you are still not convinced that Success Through Property will help change your life, check out some of the videos below of what Success! Through Property readers have achieved.

Don’t be the same as every ordinary property investor and put off making the life changing decisions… Don’t procrastinate and say, “maybe I’ll come back later” or “I will see how I feel tomorrow” – the property business is for the quick movers only. You snooze you lose I’m afraid.

Within a few minutes you could be reading your very own copy of Success! Through Property which will help you to help you skyrocket your profits and income through finding masses of bargain properties.

I wish you all the best with your property business!

Warm regards,

Parmdeep Vadesha

Please note that Success Through Property will be provided as a digital download, so you can instantly access it. Your FREE bonuses genuinely valued at £114 will be attached to the end of Success! Through Property for your convinience.




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