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How To Slash Your Property Tax



Product Description

Right And Wrong Ways To Avoid Tax And New Government Approved Strategies To Increase Your Cashflow…

If you are new to property, it makes a lot of sense to learn how to build your portfolio in the most tax efficient way possible, right from the very beginning. Otherwise you may put in all the hard work only to find that you are giving away much more to the tax man than you need to!

There are many tax saving strategies which can be used to significantly reduce or even eliminate your tax liability, yet very few property investors are aware they even exist let alone how easy it would be to implement them to save you hundreds, perhaps thousands of pounds each year for no extra work on your part.

In the “How To Slash Your Property Tax” workbook we reveal many hugely important strategies and tools that can help property investors save substantial sums on their tax bills.

Key issues covered…

  • Should you own properties in your own name, via a limited company, a partnership or another structure?
  • Key changes to the tax treatment of investment properties.
  • How to become non domiciled for tax purposes and how this tax status can help you pay virtually no tax.
  • How rental income is treated by the revenue and how to minimise your tax bill.
  • Which expenditures related to your property business you can legitimately offset and which you can’t.
  • Tax loopholes that apply when carrying out maintenance on your properties – understanding the difference between a repair and a capital improvement.
  • How to properly offset interest paid on loans including mortgages.
  • Why do so many professional property investors set up property management businesses and how are they using them to help them save tax?
  • Advanced strategies for reducing your income tax bill.
  • How to pay less tax when purchasing properties – stamp duty strategies for the smart property investor including tips for mitigating stamp duty.
  • The rent a room relief and how to use it to reduce your tax bill.
  • What is capital gains tax? When does it apply? We shall reveal strategies for reducing your CGT bill dramatically.
  • How to use PPR relief to completely mitigate capital gains tax.
  • How to time your property purchases and disposals to minimise the amount of tax that you will have to pay.
  • What to do if you are ever investigated by the inland revenue.
  • Husband/wife strategies for reducing or even eliminating taxes.
  • How to quickly and easily calculate your capital gains tax liability.
  • How and why are holiday lets treated differently to buy to lets and why do so many smart property investors choose to own holiday lets?
  • And much more followed by a question and answer session with our property tax specialist followed by evening network with the speakers and attendees.

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