How to quickly solve any property investment problem

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Invert. Always invert. 

The next time you face a property investment related problem, or any challenge in your life for that matter, it can be really helpful to invert the problem so that you are not thinking anymore about what you want, but what you do not want. By figuring out how to avoid what you do not want to happen, you will get to what you do want. 

An example: ask yourself "what actions could I take to destroy my chances of retiring early and comfortably through property investment?" Now write down the answers:

  • treat your tenants badly
  • don't write down any goals
  • don't ask for help
  • treat estate agents badly
  • get yourself a poor credit record
  • make it impossible to measure anything
  • and so on...

Thinking backwards, you can now determine what actions must be avoided. Instead of asking "how can I achieve a goal?", ask the opposite question. What don't I want to achieve (non goal)? What causes this non goal? How can I avoid that? What do I now want to avoid? How can I do that? 

Try inversion, you may find it demystifies many things in your life. 

By Parmdeep Vadesha



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