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Can I run a business from a rental property?

From a tax and business law perspective there is no reason why you shouldn’t run a legal business from a rental property providing it doesn’t flout the law, e.g. you are not running an unlicensed gambling club or a bar selling alcohol; you’re not running a brothel, il ...

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What are the benefits and disadvantages of holding property in a limited company in the UK?

First, bear in mind that there are two types of property: commercial property and residential property. This article is about buying residential property in a limited company. For the benefits of holding commercial property in a limited company through a Small Self-Administered Scheme ...

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I own a UK property but I am also an Isle of Man citizen. Will I still be liable to pay tax in the UK?

The amount you owe in tax (I assume from rental income) is based on where the property is based. In this case, your property is based in the UK, and if you are earning rental income from it, you will be liable to pay tax on the income (which your letting agent may withhold) and capital ...

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Must I declare rental income from my property I let out?

  You’ve let out a house for years, but your total income has always been less than your tax allowance so you haven’t declared it to HMRC. Will you need to reconsider in view of the impending major changes to the tax rules for landlords?   The nature of this ques ...

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A superb 6 bed house on border of Malaga

Hi all This property has been on the market for a few years and has a book price of 200k, asking price is 150k. It's available as a 15k deposit and 1100 a month for 10 yrs. Ideal for a lease option. Is there any interest?

How to Price your Airbnb Property?

Being an Airbnb property manager is like running a business – shaky and uncertain at times, but highly rewarding at others. And of course, to make the most of it, you'll need to know as many tricks of the trade as possible. In this post, we are talking about maximising your A ...

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Hi guys, am lokking for 3/4 bedroom house lease option deal in Birmingham asap. Have got a ready tenant buyer looking for one. Ring me asap on 07864845127. Cheeers.

What is Pass the Keys?

Check out this video and learn more about Pass the Keys!

2016 Property Battle - Why are long-term landlords turning to short-term lettings?

Do you have a beautiful house? Or maybe a functional place in the city centre? You probably always rented your property in a long-term contract, but now, with companies like Airbnb and HomeAway promising you better yields on shorter lets, you don't know which on ...

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Mr singh

Hi would anybody like to set up a rent to rent partnership it will be 50/50 split I am based in Coventry and keen to get involved in the property this seem the best way please get in touch at. many thanks.

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