Simple Tips For Finding Bargain Investment Properties

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Are you looking to find property investments? Here are some more techniques to start you off in the right direction: 
Postcards can be a fantastic method of farming an area you want to buy in. Simply get some postcards printed up with a clear benefit to the seller (see discussion later on business cards). 
Pick your target area and send out a series of postcards intertwined with letters (you may even want to send the same postcard 5 times with a FINAL REMINDER type for the fourth and final mail out). 
You must mix different methods of contact because this will produce a better response (I have tested this and it works). 
The key here is to generate a response only from motivated sellers so make sure your message is aimed only at them (who else is going to look at an ad targeted at people who need to sell fast?) 
Do not be disappointed if you only receive 4 or 5 replies from a mail out of 500 all you need is one average deal to make postcard farming more than worth your while. 
Business cards are an essential tool for your business. They are small, easy to hand out and unobtrusive. Get some bright yellow cards printed up (to grab peoples attention). 
The heading should convey a benefit of your service like: 
"Homeowners: FREE report reveals the secrets of selling your property FAST – call 0800 123 123 or visit
" Homeowners: FREE 24 hour recorded message for property sellers needing a quick sale – call 0800 123 123 or visit for FREE special report and CD" 
Then put your name, phone number and website address at the bottom of the business card and on the back – always make it very easy for interested people to be able to make contact with you or find out more about your service. 
Whenever you visit a supermarket stick one of the cards up on the notice board. 
A bright yellow card really stands out and people will call you when they see it as they walk past with their trolley or wait for a taxi (just make sure it is near the top of the pile and not at the bottom). 
I have also had great success from handing my barber some of these cards. He took one and stuck it on the mirror in his shop - make sure the type of people visiting the barber are likely to own the type of properties that you want to buy – this is called a ‘demographic analysis’ of your target market. 
It’s great because customers have to keep their head still whilst having their hair cut and there’s my bright yellow card in the corner of their eye! 
Don’t forget to also stick a slightly bigger card (or even a poster) on the back window of your car so that people can see it when you are stuck in traffic or parked up somewhere. 
How about going one step further and having your message across the side of your car or van? I looked into this and the cost for doing my 4x4 car on both sides came to £70 + £20 extra if I wanted the spare wheel at the back done too. 
These methods only take a moment of your time, cost very little and guarantee hundreds of people each week will know what you do and most importantly, how to get in touch!
By Parmdeep Vadesha



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