My Personal Top Property Networking Tips

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Here are my top tips for getting your questions answered in real life networking situations where you go to a place and meet other property people face to face.

  1. I go to so many property networking events where I see people just lounging around wasting time completely oblivious to the money making opportunities around them. Just because the people you see around you look ordinary does not mean they are ordinary. The wealthiest people I know dress in Burton clothes and drive Volvo’s. That’s because they have nothing to prove to anyone anymore. So don’t just sit there or stand around the bar, go talk to as many people as you can. You’ll be amazed, even shocked, with the friendliness of people if you just go up to them and say ‘hi’.

  2. Practise introducing yourself to other people. Go ahead and approach others who are on their own. They will appreciate very much your having saved them from standing around on their own.

  3. Never mention the word ‘mentor’ to someone you would like to eventually become your mentor. You will scare them away I guarantee it! Much better for you to get to know the person as a friend and to think constantly of ways in which you can help your mentor. In time, the relationship will become deeper and more meaningful as you help each other – this is mentoring.

  4. If you are talking about something with someone, write the subject on the back of your card when you hand it over. For instance, if you are talking about Spanish properties write on the back of your card “we talked about Costa Del Sol!”. The other person will remember you when he or she gets back home and is in the 5process of dumping everybody else’s cards in a filing cabinet never to be seen again or in the bin.

  1. After having met someone for the first time add his or her name to your database of contacts. Microsoft Outlook and are both great for this. Then, drop all your contacts an email whenever you are attending another networking event. Something like “Hi Joe it’s Kim here. We met in London last week. I’m going to be at the next meeting in Norwich. It would be nice to see you there and catch up. Speak to you soon. Kim” is fine.

  2. After you’ve finished talking to someone at a networking event take a few seconds to write down some personal information about them on the back of their card. So when you call back later you can mention their kids names, or where he/she last went on holiday or whatever. This really helps cement a relationship quickly – people feel you are interested in them.

  3. Set a goal to meet at least five people at every networking event you attend. Go meet new people not just the people you already know and are familiar with.

  4. Give before you take. Don’t expect new contacts to work hard getting business to you if you are not prepared to do the same back.

  5. Don’t sit with people you know either. Try to sit with new people at dinner or lunch.

  6. Make sure you take plenty of business cards wherever you go – not just networking meets.

  7. Set goals for each networking meeting. These could range from how many new people you are going to meet to discovering specific contacts for a challenge or opportunity you are facing.

  8. Try different property networking meetings. Don’t just attend the same one every month. Aim to try a new one every month if you can. You will see many familiar and unfamiliar faces.

  9. Become an integral part of your favourite networking event. Become a speaker, helper, greeter – whatever it takes to get yourself among the organisers of the event. In this way you will get better known among the attendees making your job of networking easier.

  10. Be as friendly as you can. You’d be surprised by the number of people I meet at networking events who have little sense of what it takes to be likeable! I suggest you read ‘how to win friends and influence people’ by Dale Carnegie before you start networking.


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Jul 14 2012 | 00:31

Great article Parmdeep

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