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A lease extension is extending the terms of a lease from the freeholder for a further period of time. This is agreed between the leaseholder and the freeholder.

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Buying and selling with a short lease

BUYING AND SELLING WITH A SHORT LEASE Selling a flat with a short lease? If a lessee is selling a leasehold property and they are willing to serve a notice on the landlord to acquire a lease extension and for the benefit of the notice to be assigned to the buyer upon completion, an e ...

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The Statutory Procedure

THE STATUTORY PROCEDURE   Serving the Section 42 Notice If the competent landlord is a company, the Notice must be served at the registered office.  Ensure that a company search is carried out on the day that the Notice is served. If the competent landlord is an individual ...

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Introduction to the Statutory Lease Extension

INTRODUCTION TO THE STATUTORY LEASE EXTENSION What is a statutory lease extension? The Leasehold Reform, Housing and Urban Development Act 1993 (“the 1993 Act”) allows lessees to extend their lease by 90 years in addition to the unexpired term of their lease at a pepper ...

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A Guide to Lease Extensions

    When you own a flat as a leaseholder, it can be massively valuable to you to investigate the issue of lease extensions. There are several benefits to getting a lease extension. This article looks at what they are, as well as exactly what a lease extension is.   Wha ...