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Cut the cr*p success tip for property investors

  Max Planck, after he won the Nobel Prize travelled around Germany giving an identical standard lecture on the new quantum mechanics. His chauffeur, who...

30-10-2012 | 10:32 | 341 | 1 | 873

Perspective is everything in property investment

Today I wanted to share a video from one of my all time favourite marketing speakers, Rory Sutherland. In this video Rory explains that the sense of control...

31-07-2012 | 11:56 | 382 | 0 | 906

When to sell investment property and why most people...

There are many perfectly good reasons why an investor may choose to sell an investment property. She may want to start a new business or pay for her son to...

03-09-2012 | 13:33 | 187 | 0 | 1,209

Secrets to unlock investment for all your property...

No investor ever invested because they were pitched at a networking event.  If your pitch to investors is a compressed overview of your dreams, hopes and...

22-10-2012 | 12:07 | 252 | 1 | 1,063

Revealed: the secret to a happy life

I had a family celebration over the weekend which, given that I rarely drink, meant that I ended up driving a bunch of us to the pub and back. On the way...

15-10-2012 | 09:57 | 226 | 0 | 665

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list your property £150 6 months on Zoopla

By paying lower fees allows property vendors more room when negotiating offers.  This will save money on agenncy fees meaning vendor keeps more of the proceeds.   6 months on Zoopla listing with us...

07-09-2014 | 20:39 | 12 | 0 | 67

Collaboration as the new Revolution?

11-06-2014 | 09:41 | 74 | 0 | 494

5 Improvements to Increase Your House Value

27-05-2014 | 10:12 | 72 | 0 | 808

A Comparison Of Bridging Finance And Bridging Loans

20-05-2014 | 09:19 | 74 | 0 | 469

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What are the disadvantages of Option Agreements.

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How to make 3-10k per month as a property trader

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What happens when you want to exercise your option

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For the first time ever, in this rare video, accountant and property investor David reveals how you can use other people to find you lucrative property investment deals. In this video you will learn: How to build relationships with other people so that they find you deals. How to spot the 'hidden potential' in 'ugly properties...
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Rosemary was the winner of the 2012 Tycoon Mastermind Alliance Better Your Best content and won a shiny porsche sportscar! In this video, Rosemary reveals how she made and extra 7k for just 30 minutes work. In this video you will learn: The importance of a 'killer leaflet design' when finding bargain properties. How to effectively...
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